Monday, March 31, 2008

Vanuatu traditional stories - ol kastom stori blong Vanuatu

For those of you interested in reading traditional stories from Vanuatu, you can find some published on the Vanuatu Daily Post website. These stories are supplied by the Vanuatu Cultural Centre and most likely from their fieldworkers. Vanuatu people have some great traditional stories. Some stories are similar across the country, but many are central to a language and culture. Here is a link to the Vanuatu Daily Post where you might be able to read some for yourself. Most likely, they will be written in Bislama, which is the national language of Vanuatu.
(The illustration is from an Ambrym tale drawn by David Tovovor for a vernacular literacy workshop in 2003.)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Momentum Magazine - orality issue

The Momentum Project just published online their latest issue, 'Telling the Story'. This issue centers on the topic of orality. I've got an article in it on how storytelling can be an integral part of language development and translation and augment the process. My wife, Janet has an article called 'Orality and translation: focusing on images rather than words'. Our colleague, Karl has an article of FAQs of storytelling and translation.