Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A book I'm reading - Provoking the Gospel: methods to embody Biblical storytelling through drama

I'm still thinking about my prior post concerning the spectrum of acting and telling a story. Then my wife suggested I read this book, Provoking the Gospel: Methods to embody Biblical storytelling through drama. I'm just starting, but am finding good stuff from the start. Here's a quote from the preface, p viii
"Contentment with the same old readings of biblical stories leads to rigor mortis. We need to poke these old stories, to pole them and provoke them a little. And nothing does that textual poking and provoking like public, physical performance. If you can continue to pretend that these old stories are calm compilations of ideas (our ideas!), the "same old" readings will be fine. But public audiences will not sit still for dull, formulaic performances. So if we dare to accept the risk and challenge of playing these fascinating old stories for audiences who are free to see what is actually there, free to react, respond, and argue, then we will need to poke hard at these stories."
I'm sure I'll be posting more from what I learn from this author.

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