Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Action Day - Poverty

I've just learned that tomorrow, October 15 is 'Blog Action Day' on Poverty, a day for bloggers to highlight world poverty. Where does one begin when addressing world poverty?! I recently traveled to South Asia during the monsoon season. It wasn't too bad while we were there, but a couple weeks later local inhabitants of Bihar and southern Nepal were deluged by the rains and Kosi River. Thousands were evacuated, lost their homes, lost their lives, livelihood and are still facing the aftereffects of flooding and disease. We might read about this in a buried section of the newspaper, most likely not. It's not the focus. World news as broadcast by US news is taken captive by elections and financial upheaval news. So, here's a chance to think, pray or do something for the poor and suffering.


radiostudy said...

Jim & Janet, this blog & Orality Newsletter is great stuff! Seems a long time between issues though! Keep it up! Your site and links are a great help to me.

I am working on storying in a Taiwanese (secondary oral) urban context(through Mandarin), and want to make it truly reproducible. Do you have any material, reading recommendations or sage advice that might help me?

Colleagues have done first-generation storying and led folk to faith, but not found the new believers using the stories themselves.

My hypothesis is that using more Multiple Intelligences (drama, art, song, whatever) would indigenize the transmission process better, so they'd tell the stories themselves their way.


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