Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New orality newsletter - Accuracy, Fidelity, Stability?

Janet Stahl just published a new newsletter on the topic of accuracy, fidelity and stability - having to do with changes that happen when stories are retold and the role played by community and collective memory.

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Brother Wolf said...

In Janet's piece she highlights different methods of oral cultural preservation - while I found the paper interesting. I have found myself overwhelmed by my own cultural bias in favor of complete oral transmission in an accurate way. Instead of seeing the story as living creature that changes over time and severs the needs of each generation in a different way in a different light.

Maybe it is the price of owning so many books that I have become fixated on the idea of accurate preservation of meaningful service of the stories to the current generation.

If you know of anyone who really represents these ideas please let me know as I would love to invite them on my podcast.

The Art of Storytelling with Children


Eric Wolf